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Charity bibs

The official page to acquire a charity bib for the Wildstrubel by UTMB

The steps for a charity bib:

  1. Discover the two 2024 associations: 'Sport Handicap Sierre' and 'Académie de Trail Valais'
  2. Fill out the registration form and make your donation.
  3. Finalize your registration and commit to the associations.
40 bibs are available to runners who wish to support causes related to solidarity, health, inclusion, or the environment by making a donation through UTMB Cares, allowing the collection of funds.
For the runner, this is an opportunity to become an ambassador for the cause they wish to support.

Discover the associations

Sport Handicap Sierre

The Sport Handicap Sierre association coordinates the provision of technical and human resources to enable people with disabilities (mental, psychological, physical, or multiple disabilities) to engage in sports activities supervised by professional and motivated instructors.

Académie de Trail Valais

The Trail Running Valais Academy encourages and coaches young athletes on the path of long-distance running, from winter cross-country to Trail Running competitions.