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Tips and testimonials


- Prepare your race with Run Motion Coach

The races of the UTMB® World Series are grandiose and demanding, they require an assiduous and structured preparation.

This application will accompany you in your training and recovery. It includes a unique interaction with a virtual coach, personalized training programs, nutritional advice and mental preparation.

Christian, a self-taught runner for many years, had never had a structured training plan. In 2021, he discovered the RunMotion Coach application when he registered for the UTMB. He is a UTMB finisher!

"I discovered the RunMotion Coach application via the UTMB® website. The availability of trail specific training and the ability to customize were the features that made me try the app. Like most people, I have very limited time to train. The ability to plan weeks, one by one, without missing key workouts is extremely valuable."

Run Motion Coach also exists in a prenium version!