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Free Access to UTMB World Series Events

Elite runners can gain free entry to the UTMB World Series Events and UTMB World Series Majors*. To uphold fairness for elite athletes and to efficiently handle entry requests, access for elite runners is determined by their UTMB Index within the chosen race category.

Gender 50K 100K 100M
Women 710 690 650
Men 850 820 800

Free Elite entries cannot be guaranteed in the following circumstances and are subject to the race directors' discretion .

  • For races that are sold out
  • For registrations that are closed
  • Less than 30 days before the event

Other Conditions

  • If an event has two races in the same category only the finals qualifier races gives free entries.
  • Free registration criteria do not apply to 20K races.

How to benefit from the free access

To access the free registration, runners should log into their MyUTMB account and register via the website. If the UTMB Index within their chosen race category is equal to or exceeds the specified levels, an automatic reduction will be applied to the shopping cart.

If the reduction does not appear, please ensure that you are logged into your MyUTMB account and that your UTMB Index matches or surpasses the required levels. If you continue to experience issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.