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Mandatory equipement

Be sure to be ready for this adventure with the adequate equipment.

In order to ensure the safety and the smooth running of the event, each participant must carry all items listed in the mandatory equipment checklist (see below), and carry all equipment during the race, even if the runner does not use it. The "hot weather" and "cold weather" kits are part of the mandatory equipment.

Depending on the weather conditions, the organization may require one of these two additional kits and will inform each participant before the opening of the bib pick-up.

All clothing must be the correct size for the competitor and without having been modified in any way after leaving the factory. You carry this equipment on you or in a pack which is not interchangeable during the race.

You have to bring the full list of mandatory equipment below. Please note that you might be checked at any time during your race by the organisation and race officials.

Wild110 & Wild70